Our hearts are with Nepal.

We are working closely with our partners to support their long-term recovery efforts.


Photo Update - American Friendship Foundation in Haiti

In 2013, Vitamin Angels granted the American Friendship Foundation in Haiti vitamin A for 1,000 children and prenatal vitamins for 189 pregnant and nursing mothers.   -- Photos courtesy of American Friendship Foundation


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Double the Impact

On the road to Chaipa today we saw a mother and her daughters preparing to cross the road. Sandra (the head of our field partner organization, DESEA Peru), quickly recognized the family and asked our driver to stop the van. We loaded 4-year-old twins, Rosemary and Soniada and their mother, Jacinda into the already crowded van and continued our drive high into the Andes. Had we not seen them, Jacinda and her daughters would have made the long journey up the valley to the distribution by foot foll...


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Photo Update - World Venture Madagascar

This year we provided World Venture prenatal vitamins for 280 pregnant and breastfeeding mothers in Mahajunga, Madagascar.   -- Photos courtesy of Alissa and Jamie Shattenburg


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Reaching Maasai Communities in Kenya

The blog below was written by one of our field partners, Beads of Esiteti in Kenya. Being able to bring vitamin A and prenatal vitamins to the Maasai communities of Esiteti/Embaringoi has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. These semi-nomadic people have very limited access to healthcare but are in such great need. The first vitamin distribution was beyond any expectations that I had, women walked for hours through the dust filled bush so that their children could get vitamin...


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The Great Need for Nutritional Assistance in Arizona

The blog below was written by Ann Micka, Vitamin Angels’ Domestic Program Manager. During my visit to Arizona, I visited the head offices for the Arizona Association of Food Banks and learned some shocking statistics: 1 in 3 children in Arizona live in poverty, and 55% of pregnancies in the state are experienced by women who quality for WIC (The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children). This provided an excellent platform for discussing how multivitam...


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Photo Update - Cristo Salva, Honduras

Vitamin Angels first partnered up with Cristo Salva in 2008. This year, we granted them daily multivitamins for over 1,500 children and prenatal vitamins for over 10,000 women.  Photos courtesy of Rob Turner D.O.E.R.S.


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Photo Update - Amigos for Christ, Nicaragua

This year, our field partners at Amigos for Christ received enough daily multivitamins for 3,000 children and 5,000 women. Photos courtesy of Amigos for Christ


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Update from the Field - Brandom

Along the main winding road in Las Delicias Sur, La Veiba, we find clusters of shacks built from whatever materials the family has been able to scrounge.  In one of these hovels lives Andrea, a blind mother of three – Jesstyn (age 7), who attends the local public school, Brandom (age 5), and Michelle (age 1.5)  Andrea's mother, Raquel, is like a solid rock, and comes regularly to help look after the children and make meals.  Both women volunteer at the school for the bl...


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Elevating Edenilson's Energy with Multivitamins (El Salvador)

  The blog below was written by Convoy of Hope, one of our field partners in El Salvador. Convoy Of Hope began the Nutrition Program in early 2012 in this School Center, the need is great there. The teachers and principal always mention how grateful they are for the presence of Convoy. In May, the first bottle of Vitamin Angels (multivitamins) was brought to the school which was intended to benefit 16 children under 59 months. Edenilson José Carias is four years old and is one of 16 benefi...


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Combatting Undernutrition Through Vitamin Distributions in Honduras

  The following blog was written by a field worker from our field partner, Global Brigades in Honduras. Chronic undernutrition in Honduras can be as high as 48.5% in rural communities and affect 1 in every 4 children (source: World Food Programme). In the rural areas where we work, the average family income is between $1.00 and $2.00 a day per person. Such economic limitations are reflected in the diet of beans, rice and tortillas. Meals vary slightly but almost always include those three...


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Giving Joselyn's Baby the Chance for a Better Future (Honduras)

The story below was written by our field partners at Global Brigades after a recent vitamin distribution in Honduras. While the healthcare system in Honduras is lacking, there is a basic system in place and health centers, when open and staffed, typically carry basic medications: anti-parasite drugs, vitamins, and maybe some analgesics. But access to a health center can be scarce and incentives to get there are easily diminished after just one unsuccessful trip – traveling all that way to...


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Vitamin Angels Road Trip - Louisiana

The below blog was written by Domestic Program Manager, Ann Micka, during a recent trip to Louisiana with Senior Program Manager, Amy Steets, to visit current and prospective field partners that are distributing our multivitamins. Hey y’all, Greetings from the great (and humid) state of Louisiana!  Amy and I are having a wonderful time traveling around LA visiting some of our domestic field partners. In the past two days, we’ve driven 492 miles and have one more pregnancy reso...


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Empty hands but warm hearts

During the four plane rides (39 hours!) it took to get from California to Malawi, I kept remembering my last visit here in 2007 and why they call this country ‘The warm heart of Africa’. The friendliness and openness of the people is truly disarming in today’s world. There’s almost an innocence in how happy people are to see you. This is one of the few countries in the world where I always feel safe. And while the beauty of the people and the land is exceptional, so is th...


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Photo Update - "Social Action for Women" Thailand

We've recently partnered with a new field partner, Social Action for Women (SAW) in Thailand. The organization works in rural villages to serve Burmese migrant communities that are not covered by the Thai government. In other words, they help reach the unreachable.  Vitamin Angels' initial grant provided SAW with enough vitamin A for over 6,000 children under age five.  Photos courtesy of: Social Action for Women


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Photo Update - Malawi

Vitamin Angels' Program Managers Eva and Austen recently visited some of our field partners in Malawi to offer technical materials and capacity building courses to the heath care workers who distribute our vitamins in the field, ensuring they are proficient with international best practices. Sarah (shown in first photo) participated in the vitamin A supplementation (VAS) course and brought along her daughter, Anabel. Even though Sarah was taking care of her daughter throughout the entire...


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