Success stories: improvement of maternal and child health in Uzbekistan

We recently received an update from our grantee Medical Teams International (MTI) in Uzbekistan. Together we are reaching 400,000 children with vitamin A and 10,066 women with multivitamins.

The national program on improvement of maternal health has given the great opportunities to young mothers, living in rural areas to improve the health of their children and build stronger immunity system. Providing this vitamin has enabled more than 9300 women to supplement their daily needs of vitamins and micronutrients such as vitamin A, iron, iodine, zinc and others. Many of these women suffer from anemia and other consequences of malnutrition. Using a multiple vitamin and mineral supplement can help:

Prevent micronutrient deficiencies, including anemia and zinc deficiency

Improve the body’s immune system and health

Reduce early infant mortality

Reduce the incidence of low birth weight

Improve physical and cognitive development in children by 2 years of age

Below we would like to present some photos and success stories taken and recorded by MTI staff during the monitoring visits to local clinics in Tashkent and Tashkent region where the multivitamins were donated through the Ministry of Health that was very grateful to donors for this opportunity as sufficient provision with good micronutrients is a critical issue in Uzbekistan.

1) This is a photo of recently married 21-year-old Sabina during her first check up with a gynecologist. The doctor is explaining the importance of taking necessary vitamins during the first trimester of the pregnancy and recommends prenatal vitamins as a balanced supplementation to Sabina’s daily nutrition. Zamira and her husband already have two kids and the income earned in the family is not sufficient for proper nutrition. Zamira’s previous pregnancies were difficult and children were born weak and both later developed anemia. Zamira was happy to receive the daily supplement of vitamins hoping that her third baby would be healthier and stronger.

Medical Teams International - Vitamin Angels - Uzbekistan

3) This is a story of Irina, 24, a young mother of a 5 month old boy Alexander. 

"I got married 3 years ago and my husband wanted to have a baby right after our marriage. I also wanted to have a baby but for some reason our dream did not come true the first year of our marriage. It neither happened the second year and this started troubling both of us. We went for a full medial examination and the doctors found that one of the reasons for my weak health was anemia and stresses at work. The doctors said I needed additional iron in order to improve my health. At the same time I was allergic to certain synthetically produced vitamins and therefore had to be very careful while taking vitamins and other supplements. Finally after some therapies I felt good and became pregnant. The doctors were watching my pregnancy very carefully and always warned me about proper nutrition and balanced vitamin support. At last my husband and I were blessed to have a wonderful son – Alex. We love him so much and I want to give him the best I can. 

After being dismissed from the maternity hospital I was told to watch my nutrition especially in terms of anemia and allergy now that I was responsible for provision for two. But this was the time when hidden problems returned. I tried to take some vitamin supplements during the first weeks after Alex’s birth and most of them caused a bad allergic reaction for both of us. I was shocked to discover the rash all over Alex’s skin one of the mornings after taking some local vitamins the day before. The doctors were puzzled trying to find a balanced vitamin supplement for me and my baby. Finally a few weeks ago I was called by my doctor who said that they received a new vitamin for pregnant and lactating women. I was especially pleased to find out it was given to women free of charge as we had a little tension in the family budget related to baby’s birth and my maternity leave. I started taking the prenatal vitamins and luckily my baby and I didn’t have any allergies or rashes. Moreover I started feeling much better and that annoying feeling of exhaustion and tiredness is gone. I feel much more energetic and full of life that I can now dedicate to my beloved family. I want to thank Medical Teams and my doctors who gave me the opportunity to enjoy my life and be able to raise Alex as a healthy child!"

Medical Teams International - Vitamin Angels - Uzbekistan

4) This is the story of Oksana, 33 year old mother of 3 children.

"My name is Oksana. I’m 33 years old.  I now have 3 lovely children. Unfortunately we are not so rich and due to my weak health and poor material condition in our family we were not able to keep all children we were blessed with. I regret this so badly... I am sure that children are a great gift given by God to make people happy. I already had 2 kids - 14 years old girl and 5 years old boy when I became pregnant again. To be a mother is such happiness! I could not say “no” to my third baby whose heart was already beating and I wanted to go through this again by giving a birth and raising my kid. I had a lot of difficulties during my pregnancy. I became so weak after my previous pregnancies, which caused a big problem with my health. Therefore right after that as I became pregnant I came to see my doctor immediately. After full a examination, I was told that everything was all right but for normal development of my baby it was necessary to take vitamins for pregnant women. I immediately received these vitamins in a polyclinic and started seeing my doctor every month.

My pregnancy passed normally. I took one capsule of my pregnancy vitamins once a day throughout my whole pregnancy period. My doctor was very attentive to me. And there was a miracle - I gave birth to a beautiful daughter. This is because I always followed my doctor’s advice and took vitamins and my health was always kept well. And after delivery I had normal lactation. My doctor told me that I could take vitamins during breastfeeding. I appreciate the great support from all the people who helped me during my pregnancy. I love children very much. I think that the main thing in a family is a mutual understanding and a great love. I wish you happiness!"

Medical Teams International - Vitamin Angels - Uzbekistan

-Medical Teams International

  - Nikki Heeren
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