UN update on MDG 5: improve maternal health

According to an article by Time Magazine, the United Nations recently released a disappointing update on progress made towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in regards to maternal health. The new report, released by the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, states that “While there have been considerable gains since 2000 on many of the MDG targets, progress has been slowest on the gender equality dimensions of these targets — from improving maternal health and access to decent work to eradicating hunger.” 

“The report also finds that the rate of maternal deaths has decreased globally by less than 2% per year since 1990, falling short of the 5.5% annual reduction goal.”  Part of this is attributed to lack of appropriate health care during childbirth. For example, in Nepal and Bangladesh, only 5% of rural women are helped by medical professionals at birth. In terms of moving forward, “The report offers recommendations for helping to improve the standing of women in all areas, including government and land ownership, but highlights the improvement of women's access to public services — education, health care and the justice system — as being particularly urgent.”

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  - Nikki Heeren
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