Bring Vitamin Angels to your Customers.


Promotional Opportunities for Retailers.

Our partnership opportunities will provide you with easy, affordable and appealing ways to connect with shoppers, increase sales and show your support of our important work. Our goal is to reach 50 million children a year in the next 3-5 years with vital nutrients. As a part of the Natural Products and dietary supplement industry, you have the power to ensure we make that goal a reality! Participate in one of our Retail store promotions today.


Retail Store Promotions with Vitamin Angels.


Point of Purchase Promotion:
Bring Vitamin Angels to your store by offering customers the option of making a $1 or $5 donation at the register. Tear sheets can be displayed in store windows and doors. Our posters and at register display can be used to inform shoppers of your promotion, increase customer loyalty and build employee morale.

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Online Promotion:
Offer your online customers the option of making a donation at check out. We will provide you with pictures and copy to help inform shoppers of our partnership.
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Percentage of Sales Promotion:
Designate a day or product line and choose a percentage of sales to donate. We will work with you to customize the promotion and ensure customers are aware and engaged.

Create your own:
We will work with you to create a successful partnership that appeals to customers, meets your targets and allows us to achieve our shared goal of providing vital nutrients to children all over the world.

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