Useful Practices Videos Series

The following videos can be used while educating service providers, stakeholders, and beneficiaries of the benefits and distribution steps for vitamin A + deworming (VAS+D) and prenatal multivitamins. The videos can be watched online or downloaded to watch and use later on a computer, tablet, smart phone, or similar device. The downloadable files can easily be shared with others via social media apps, such as WhatsApp or Facebook.

Determining Eligibility: Field Videos

These videos show how to determine if a child is eligible to receive services and what to do if a child is not eligible.

Vitamin A Eligibility Criteria


Deworming Eligibility Criteria


Giving VAS+D to Children: Field Videos

These videos show how to administer services to children under 5 years old.

How to Give Vitamin A


How to Give Deworming


Giving VAS+D: Demonstration Videos

These videos show a demonstration of how to deliver VAS+D services to children. Each micro-video shows a different aspect of service delivery while the full-length demonstration videos show all steps to service delivery from start to finish.

VAS+D micro-video Part 1: Community Education


VAS+D micro-video Part 2a: Eligibility Criteria


VAS+D micro-video Part 2b: Giving Vitamin A


VAS+D micro-video Part 2c: Giving Deworming


VAS+D micro-video Part 3 Recordkeeping and Exit Counseling


How to give VAS+D to children under 5 from start to finish


How to give vitamin A to children under 5 from start to finish


How to give deworming to children under 5 from start to finish


How to Practice Giving VAS+D

It is always important to practice giving vitamin A and deworming before an actual distribution, campaign or camp. Watch this video for important tips on how to practice.

How to Practice Giving VAS+D



Daily Tally Sheet - VAS+D

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