Games From Around The World

By Kate Riesen

Play is a signature of childhood. When children are healthy, they have more energy to enjoy fun and games. Even when their toys are simple, a lively imagination can transform almost anything into hours of entertainment.

Learn about some of the games enjoyed by the kids we meet around the world—and maybe give a few a try on a sunny summer afternoon!

Jump rope: Hop in!

When we bring jump ropes with us into the field we’re always pleasantly surprised at how moms, field partners, and kids alike are ready jump in and enjoy.

Loteria from Central America

This game of chance is hugely popular across Latin America. Similar to bingo, a caller chooses from a deck of 52 cards at random, calling them out one by one as players hope to match up a row of images on their chosen tabla, or game board. The first person to do so calls out,"¡Lotería!"

Pabitin from the Philippines

A popular game at birthdays and town celebrations, Pabitin shares some characteristics with pan pinata. Children stand below a latticework frame that has a variety of prizes and treats hanging from it. An adult lowers and raises the bamboo rack at random while the kids exert all their effort to jump and grab as many bags as they can!

Football (or soccer as it’s called in the U.S.)

Perhaps the most popular game of all, this sport is sure to delight wherever you find yourself in world!