Reasons to Give this Holiday Season

Five reasons why donating to a children’s charity is a gift that keeps on giving.

By Elysia Cook

Tinsel and twinkling lights on every street, the intoxicating smell of gingerbread, classic jingles repeating on the radio: it’s safe to say that the holidays are here. During this season of giving, we invite you to share our vision of supporting children in need as well. Here are five reasons why donating to a children’s charity like Vitamin Angels is a gift that keeps on giving:

When you donate, you reap the (tax) benefits.

There’s a reason your credit card bill skyrockets during the holidays. Perhaps you didn’t expect to buy an ugly sweater for your company party, or anticipate the price of flights to visit your in-laws--and of course, you can’t forget gifts for your loved ones! But rest assured that a donation to Vitamin Angels is a transaction unlike all the rest. Once the holiday season transitions to tax season next spring, you can claim your generous contribution. Just remember to itemize your deductions.

Another piece of advice? According to an article by H&R Block, don’t forget that “if you make a contribution via credit card, the gift is deductible when it’s charged. Not when you  pay the bill!” When you give to a children’s charity like Vitamin Angels, though, you’ll receive a receipt immediately after your donation processes, helping you keep track of your gifts for later use.


Four Start Rating for Vitamin Angels by Charity Navigator

You’ll know that your holiday donation directly helps children in need.

It’s easy to get caught up in the overwhelming number of charities that all could benefit from your support. However, some of them lack financial transparency, making it difficult to know exactly how your donations are being used.

When making the important decision about holiday giving, the best charities to donate to are those that meet the standards set by recognized third-party evaluators. Vitamin Angels currently holds a four-star ranking from Charity Navigator and Guidestar’s Platinum Seal of Transparency giving you peace of mind that your donations directly benefit the children we serve.



A donation a (holi)day keeps the doctor away.

You may not believe in Santa Claus anymore, but can you believe that donating to a charitable cause is good for your health? Multiple studies have provided strong evidence to support the notion that giving back is not only beneficial for your physical fortitude, but for your mental health as well.

Click here to read more in-depth about the health advantages of giving!



You can give your children a gift without a bow.

Even if they don’t realize it at first, the little ones in your life can benefit from your gift-giving example. Children often learn by imitating others, and acts of generosity are no exception.

“When your kids see you donating money, they're much more likely to adopt a giving mindset as they grow up,” an article shared on The Life You Can Save states. Another piece written by The Center for Parenting Education reiterates that mentality, adding that “Times that traditionally focus on receiving, such as holidays and birthdays, can be great opportunities to encourage your children’s generosity. Help them think about what gifts would suit which people.” Helping to support the needs of children their age who are in need could be a great place to start.

You can go a step further and integrate giving into your family’s holiday traditions, and familiarize your children with the concept of giving at a young age. As they grow up, they’ll more likely be aware of others’ circumstances and, as a result, exercise greater compassion in their adult lives.


Your holiday donation could encourage others to pay it forward.

The flurry of social events and present checklists causes some people to overlook charitable holiday giving, or not consider it a priority. But it only takes a moment- one donation to spread the word about worthy causes and encourage others to give. 

If you are fortunate to already have all you need, ask your loved ones to make a donation in your honor in lieu of a physical gift. You can quickly set up a giving page for Vitamin Angels directly on Facebook that makes it easy for friends and family near or far to contribute online.