Sharing the (Vitamin) Love

We asked some of our international program advisors from around the world to share why they love vitamins as much as we do. Read their answers, and we’re sure you’ll love them!

By Amber McEldowney

Many of our program advisors spend much of their time working in the office or meeting with local agencies or government officials. When they do get a chance to visit our partners in the field, it often serves as a refreshing reminder that their hard work is making an impact.

Suleiman Yakubu, a program advisor for Nigeria shared one such experience. “[There was a time,] when we went out to a community and heard from a mother who was very pleased with her son receiving the [vitamin A and deworming] ... His life had changed within a year, the mother shared. He had grown to become very plump; he used to be sick a lot...She was so grateful! I felt like if we could just get out to see these mothers more, and see the joy in their’s very fulfilling. I always look out for an opportunity to bring joy to babies and expectant mothers.”


Dr. Minaud Dacius, our program advisor for Haiti, shared how rewarding it can be to see a healthy baby and know that Vitamin Angels had something to do with it. He recalled a visit to a rural village where he met, “a young lady about 18-years-old had recently given birth to a beautiful baby girl.” He remarked on how alert and content the infant seemed to be, “you can see the beauty and health, just by looking in her eyes” he said. The encounter was all the more welcome due to the otherwise high instance of stunting and other health problems in the district. This mother had received Vitamin Angels’ prenatal multivitamins during her pregnancy, was currently breastfeeding, and had recently taken her daughter to receive her first dose of vitamin A.

Rebecca Nerima, our program advisor for Uganda, recalls one of the most impactful moments she has had during her work with Vitamin Angels.

“One time during a monitoring visit... deep in a rural community, there was this grandma that came in with two children. One looked a year old, the other three years old.” When asked why she had come, “the grandmother shared that she had heard that nutritional products were being provided to help children grow very well.” Rebecca was shocked to learn that the elderly woman had walked six miles with her grandchildren to receive these vitamins. Knowing that our work is reaching those in need, as well as inspiring caregivers to educate themselves about nutrition, was rewarding. Rebecca later assigned a health worker located closer to the grandmother’s home to provide bi-annual vitamin A and deworming tablets to the children so that the distance did not become a limitation.


Otte Santika, our program advisor for Indonesia, shared that awareness about the need for vitamins and minerals and the benefits they have for the body is still quite limited. For example, caregivers may not realize “the benefit of vitamin A since they cannot directly see the impact.” However, through partnerships with local organizations that provide education about the importance of nutrition alongside vitamin distributions, things are starting to change. Otte recalled, “I visited a remote district in the eastern part of Indonesia with low food diversity and a lack of hygiene. Our vitamins and deworming are really helping them. Investing [in] nutrition as early as possible not only helps create a better world but also [ensures] we are fulfilling a child’s right to their future.”


Though each story is unique, the positive impact of vitamins on the lives of mothers and children at risk for malnutrition is a common thread wherever we go in the world. Help us share the love with more of those in need, donate today.