Latin America & the Caribbean
Latin America & the Caribbean
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Vitamin A, Albendazole, Prenatal Vitamins, Multivitamins

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The country most recently added to our program distribution is Cuba.

Reaching Underserved Populations Across Latin America & the Caribbean

Within this region, Vitamin Angels targets countries experiencing moderate or severe vitamin A deficiency for children under age 5, as well as those that are considered endemic for STH (intestinal parasites). We also work in some countries that are ranked as mild if pregnant women, new mothers and young children are vulnerable to malnutrition.

Addressing the Problem in Latin America & the Caribbean

628 million children under age five live in the 32 countries in LAC that are ranked as experiencing mild, moderate, or severe vitamin A deficiency.

Of those 32 countries, Vitamin Angels currently works in 14 (with 2 more in progress).

We have prioritized expanding our presence in Mexico and Haiti, both of which rank severe for vitamin A deficiency, relying on in-country consultants to help us grow our network. Within LAC:

  • Mexico has the greatest number of children with vitamin A deficiency.
  • Haiti has the highest under-five child mortality rate (ranks 32nd globally). 
“ LAC boasts diverse environments, from deserts to rain forests to high altitude mountain scapes, however potatoes, tortillas, and rice are staples present in the diets of many of the people we serve. While high in calories all of these starch-heavy staples lack essential vitamins and minerals. ”

You Can Help Us Expand

There are myriad reasons why Vitamin Angels does not have a presence in every country in Latin American and the Caribbean, one of them being a lack of awareness about Vitamin Angels’ work and the availability of micronutrient grants to local nonprofit organizations – you can help change that!

Do you know a nonprofit in LAC that helps children and mothers? Please share our work with them or Refer a Field Partner!


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