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Vitamin Angels' goal by the end of 2018 is to reach 14 million children and mothers.

India stands out as Vitamin Angels’ largest program worldwide

Boasting of over 400 field partners and a goal to reach 13.5 million children and 500,000 mothers by the end of 2018, our program in India is the largest by a landslide. Such a notable presence is attributed to the high prevalence of vitamin A deficiency (VAD) in the country: of the global population of children under five who suffer from VAD, 37% live in India.

The problem in India

This high percentage of malnutrition manifests itself in the following ways:

  • 62% of children under five suffer from vitamin A deficiency
  • 39% of children are stunted
  • 29.4% of children are underweight
  • The under-five mortality rate is 48/1000 live births
  • In India, more than 50% of all women in the reproductive age group (15-45 years) have anemia

Compounding the health threats caused by vitamin A deficiency are the effects of soil-transmitted helminths (STH) a neglected tropical disease which the WHO also classified as a high-prevalence issue in India among the general population (including children under five).

According to Government of India statistics: 

  • 46.2% children 6-59 months received a dose of vitamin A in last 6 months
  • 27.2% children 12-59 months received deworming medication in last 6 months 
  • 30.3% of the pregnant women consumed Iron & Folic Acid (IFA) tablets for at least 100 days

Though the extent of [AH5] under nutrition and STH infection on India’s population is challenging, we believe that our work has—and will continue to—make a positive difference.

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“ “We're working with NGOs right now that have been consistently reaching these communities again and again for the past five to six years... That is a sign of success.” ” - Dr. Shilpa Bhatte

The Power of a Group

Given the staggering number of children and mothers in need, it would be impossible to even scratch the surface without our network of 400+ local NGOs in India. The dedication, ingenuity, and strength of their members bridge the gap between us and the women and children we serve and is nothing short of inspirational.

 Our field partners’ tireless work encompasses transporting vitamins to hard-to-reach locations, translating our educational materials into local dialects, going door-to-door to invite mothers to distributions, keeping health records, and so much more. We are humbled by and grateful for the work of these organizations who are on the ground, giving vitamins to the children and mothers most in need.


Meet our Consultants in India!

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Dr. Shilpa Bhatte, MD

Sony Thomas



Shruti Menon



Arvind Caulagi



Do you know of any nonprofits in India that help children and mothers?

Vitamin Angels delivers vitamin A to young children 6-59 months of age, who are without easy access to government sponsored, facility and community-based health services.

Vitamin Angels grants vitamins (micronutrients) to varied nonprofits, including local charities, general hospitals, and a range of community-based organizations. Nonprofits are supported with a wide variety of educational materials, resources, and trainings to ensure the distribution of our vitamins is done in accordance with proven methods consistent with accepted best practices.

If you are a current partner or work for an organization that works in India and would like to know what grants of vitamin A and other micronutrients are available, please share our work with them.



Programs in India operate under the umbrella of Operation Essential Nutrients (OPEN).


The following are academic publications that support our work in India.

Priority Countries for Vitamin A Supplementation with Under 5 Mortality Rates and Worm Prevalence PDF

Cost of Syrup vs. Capsule Form in Vitamin A Supplementation PDF

Micronutrient Supplements for Child Survival (Vitamin A and Zinc) PDF

Multiple-micronutrient supplementation for women during pregnancy (Review) PDF

Prevalence of Clinical and Sub-Clinical Vitamin A Deficiency Rural Preschool Children of West Bengal PDF


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