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Prenatal Multivitamins

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For babies of anemic mothers, prenatals can reduce the risk of early death by 29%.

Our Work in the United States

Many women in the U.S. do not have access to prenatal multivitamins or nutrition education. Vitamin Angels' programs in the United States focus on getting quality prenatal multivitamins and nutrition education to vulnerable pregnant women.

We aim to reduce barriers to proper prenatal health.

At Vitamin Angels, we recognize the importance of reaching mothers at-risk and their little ones to prevent the onset of malnutrition. We provide daily prenatal multivitamins to pregnant women to ensure that they have healthy pregnancies and safe deliveries. Our belief is that when mothers are healthy, babies are healthier, too.

To simply and effectively share the power of vitamins with pregnant mothers in the U.S., we collaborate with pregnancy health centers, health clinics and food banks to provide prenatal multivitamins free of cost. Our beneficiaries don’t need to wait until they enroll in Medicaid in order to get a vitamin prescription, they don’t have to worry about transportation to the pharmacy, and they don’t need to be concerned about being able to afford them.


Starting at conception, prenatal multivitamins build the foundation for good health.

Women have an increased need for vitamins and minerals throughout pregnancy. Providing supplemental nutrition in the form of a daily prenatal multivitamin is an excellent way to meet this increased need.  In recent years, research has been published showing the positive effects of multiple micronutrient supplements (MMS) in improving birth outcomes, including:

• Reduction in rate of maternal anemia
• Reduction in birth defects
• Reduction in small gestational age (SGA) in newborn infants

Simply put, prenatal multiple micronutrient supplementation can improve birth outcomes—babies are born healthier, and with bodies and minds primed for growth.  


“ We love this program! It has been so beneficial for our clients. When a family is short on cash, the last thing they consider purchasing are vitamins. We are so grateful to be able to provide these. ” - Melanie Sizemore, Healthy Beginnings

Do you know a U.S. nonprofit that helps children and mothers?

We are always eager to expand our network of field partners to support children and mothers in need. Please encourage nonprofits in your network to apply for a vitamin grant by directing them to our field partner resources page


The following are academic publications that support our work in United States.

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