The power to kill parasites.
With a tablet like albendazole, we can eliminate worms in children and stop parasites from absorbing the critical nutrients a child needs to develop.

Do you know how worms impact health?

Worms can cause pain, discomfort, and illness. Although they may not exhibit visible symptoms, children infected by worms are at risk of malnutrition.


Fatigue and lethargy.


Increased susceptibility to illness and disease.


Inability to properly absorb vitamins.


Children infected by worms often do not exhibit visible signs or symptoms.


Abdominal pain and distention.

How it works
  1. 1

    A chewable deworming tablet, like albendazole, given just twice a year, kills worms in an infected child.

  2. 2

    Worms are expelled from a child’s body through the stool, nose or mouth, often as early as the following day.

  3. 3

    Once children are free of worms, they are better able to absorb available nutrients, including vitamin A from supplementation.

266 million children are at risk of getting worms*

Children get dirty no matter where they live, but dirt and the environment can pose an even greater threat to a child in a developing country.

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Worms live in the dirt where children run and play - often barefoot because shoes are unaffordable or impractical.

Soil in areas with animals and inadequate sanitation may be contaminated by intestinal worm eggs or larvae.

Parasites travel from contaminated soil to the mouths of children to unclean hands, tools, or food.

The children who are most susceptible to worms are often missed by government deworming programs.

Did You Know?

Worms are also classified as a Neglected Tropical Disease (or NTD), which prevail in tropical and subtropical conditions. Intestinal worms may also be referred to as Soil-Transmitted Helminths (STH).

Did You Know?

Vitamin Angels is a founding member of the STH Coalition, a consortium of implementers, funders, experts and supporters working together to collectively reduce the burden of worms in children.

Did You Know?

Improvements to sanitation and hygiene are important long-term measures to help eliminate the transfer of intestinal worms. Vitamin Angels’ field partners may provide deworming tablets in conjunction with educational materials for sanitation and hygiene.

Deworming children helps to combat malnutrition

Worms contribute to malnutrition in children by stealing the nutrients a child ingests. When we deworm children with tablets like albendazole, we're improving their ability to get the nutrients they need to survive and thrive.

We pair vitamin A and deworming tablets for a greater impact.

Deworming children increases their ability to absorb vitamin A.

We're reaching 27 million children globally with deworming tablets.

“There are children in these communities who were brought in and were anemic and didn’t look good at all, and recovered really well with something as simple as an albendazole tablet and some vitamins.” Ben LaBrot, Floating Doctors, Panama (Field Partner)
*According to the World Health Organization, "Over 270 million preschool-age children and over 600 million school-age children live in areas where these parasites are intensively transmitted, and are in need of treatment and preventive interventions." Vitamin Angels serves children 12 to 59 months of age.