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Director of Development

The Director of Development plays a pivotal role within the Development Division to support the success of all corporate partnerships, grants/foundations, individual donors, events and Gift in Kind donations, leading the development team to meet revenue goals by building long-term partnerships, creating demand generation and ensuring the division operates efficiently meeting divisional objectives and targets.

This position directly supervises and is a critical support to the account management team; assisting each Account Manager to develop long-term strategies for key accounts, ensuring the account management team has the tools necessary to support and grow account revenues, and implement action plans to provide recognition and acknowledgement to all accounts. Along with management of current accounts and growing their revenue, the Development Director will be responsible in helping to create demand generation with new opportunities for revenue.

Additionally, this position is responsible for securing revenue through alternate channels, i.e. grants/foundations, Gift in Kind donations, event sponsors, and individuals (including general population gifts and major individual gifts). The Director of Development holds accountability for overseeing all divisional forecasting, expense budgeting, monthly/quarterly/annual revenue and expense reporting, and ensuring the maintenance and accuracy of data input by the Development team into the organization’s database. Lastly, this position is responsible for developing and implementing organizational structure and divisional processes to support consistent practices and procedures within the Development division while collaborating closely with the Marketing Director to ensure both teams are working toward collective revenue goals.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

The major duties and responsibilities of the Director of Development are as follows:

Drive and create new revenue streams

  • Working with the Senior Vice President of Business Development, to create and execute on new business and revenue streams within various channel opportunities.
  • Responsible for directing and hitting revenue goals across all channels of development.

Oversee the management and success of the Account Management team

  • Work collaboratively with each Account Manager to understand the objective of their key accounts, and support the management process to ensure the success and longevity of each partnership.  
  • Collaborate with Account Managers to assist in drafting short- and long-term strategy to support the success and growth of key partnerships.
  • Participate in significant meetings with Account Managers (either conference call, video conference, or in-person) to support building relationships with key account representatives, support account direction, and provide final approvals for crucial decisions.
  • Travel with the Development team to further the division’s objectives at applicable account meetings, trade shows, events, conferences, and field programs.
  • Ensure each Account Manager is accurately forecasting all projected revenue, and review each manager’s revised forecast on a monthly basis.
  • Develop action plans for accounts with lost revenue, supporting their Account Manager in implementing a revised strategy or renegotiating partnership structure.
  • Track expenses accrued in support of high-level partnerships, including donor recognition programs, in-store marketing materials, employee engagement programs, etc. and work collaboratively with each Account Manager to approve needed increases/modifications to account expense forecasts.

Support the International Travel Manager

  • Strengthening current partnerships, securing new partnerships, and engaging individual supporters by providing corporate partners and individual donors giving major gifts the opportunity to travel into the field.
  • Work to build out the field travel program to support revenue growth opportunities in the form of promotions with new and existing accounts.

Support and Help Develop Individual Donor Revenue Plans and Revenue

  • Develop individual donor path for conversion online on
  • Work hand in hand with Marketing Director to create demand generation for individual donors.
  • Responsible for donor acquisition and recognition of individuals donating major gifts.

Support and Help Develop Revenue From Grants/Foundations and Other Philanthropy Giving

  • Working with current contractors to assess and access revenue from grants, foundations, individual grants
  • Understand and support the needs across programs in order to acquire these revenue streams (i.e. monitoring and evaluation).

Support Gift In Kind Manager

  • Must have a good working knowledge of major product donors and possible new donors
  • Understanding of inventory and cross divisional needs from the Programs Division
  • Help in maintaining relationship, especially in high profile donors working with SVP of Operations and President

Develop standard operating procedures to support consistent processes and organizational methods within the division

  • Build upon current divisional processes, ensuring standard procedures evolve to meet current needs and requirements of the Development division.
  • Streamline processes for annual revenue budgeting, and simplify process of capturing data to input into SFDC.
  • Update process for annual expense budgeting and expense tracking/reporting.
  • Draft updated Development Manual, incorporating standardized best practices for account management, including all documentation and tools necessary for building a successful cause marketing partnership.
  • Standardize all divisional documents, spreadsheets, reports, proposals, and planning templates, ensuring entire team is accessing and utilizing approved documentation.
  • Continually collaborate with Marketing Director to ensure SOPs are being followed and reviewed for streamlined go to market planning to support revenue goals.

Ensure Development’s Donor Recognition Policy and Corporate Partnership Program are implemented and continue to be improved upon.

  • Collaborate with the Development Divisional Coordinator to manage the timeline of creation and delivery of all physical donor recognition items.
  • Ensure all qualifying donors are receiving promised items incorporated for each tier of the donor recognition matrix.
  • Support Account Managers with any customized donor recognition deliverables that is specific to an account (videos, press releases, social media posts, etc.)
  • Work closely with Partnership Marketing Manager to develop new concepts for recognizing and supporting the marketing efforts of top tier promotional partners.

Maintenance of division’s revenue and expense actuals to budgets; managing reporting process against both budgets.

  • Report accurate revenue forecast YTD on a monthly basis to SVP of Operations, COO, SVP of Development, focusing on any changes to key accounts, and detailing each revenue category. Maintain accurate tracking of expenses YTD against Development’s expense budget, providing monthly reporting to Accounting Manager and COO.

Play a strategic role in developing corporate partner-focused events in collaboration with Senior Event Manager and Marketing division.

  • Ensure Vitamin Angels’ objectives are met through events; meeting existing accounts’ needs, and promoting awareness to gain new partnerships.
  • Develop event concepts that highlight key partners to their industry peers.
  • Ensure event concepts are in line with Vitamin Angels’ brand and mission.
  • Ensure collaboration with Events team to recreate needed literature (i.e. sponsorship opportunities) that is distributed to accounts.



  • Minimum eight years of successful sales direction experience with a global organization.
  • Experience creating strategic and operational plans.
  • Proven record of delivering financial results.
  • Proven proficiency in executing a method-oriented approach to development/sales that can be replicated among other development professionals.
  • Proficient computer and donor database management skills – specifically Sales Force
  • Familiarity with demand generation and conversion in an e-commerce space of individuals. Must understand concepts of e-commerce successes.
  • Must have retail – both online and off – experience in driving sales.
  • Leadership experience in planning and executing marketing and communications for an organization. Must know how to work across line with marketing to develop go to market plans to pitch to corporate partners and possible donors for cause marketing purposes.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills; some grant-writing experience preferred.
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in a specialty area that delivers skill sets relevant to fundraising (e.g., international relations, marketing and/or sales, brand management, etc.); Master’s degree in related discipline preferred.
  • Familiarity with the concepts of venture philanthropy, cause-related marketing, and/or brand management.

Personal Characteristics

  • Mission-driven; deeply and genuinely committed to, and passionate about, advancing VA’s mission of distributing Vitamin A and other essential multivitamins to children in developing countries.
  • A “big picture” thinker who is skilled at planning, prioritizing, organizing, and following through.
  • Highly focused; this person has the ability to identify actions and issues with the greatest possibility for success and pursues them relentlessly.
  • Dynamic, energetic leader with the passion, skills, ambition and energy to drive an organization forward. Must be a leader who can gain and maintain the respect of their group while still driving for results and encouraging growth of employees.
  • Comfortable and adept at building strong working relationships.
  • Well-organized with exceptional attention to detail, but adaptable and flexible enough to meet evolving priorities.
  • Straightforward and self-possessed; one who is collaborative and who shares information readily.
  • Ability to manage up and bubble up issues that need higher attention.
  • Flexible and adaptable; able to refine strategies after feedback from key stakeholders.


Level of Decision-Making –  Director of Development

The Director of Development oversees the Account Management team, Development Divisional Coordinator, GIK Manager, Foundations Manager (contractor currently), Individual/e-Comm Manager (to be hired) and the International Trips Manager. The Director of Development works directly under the Senior V.P. of Operations and Senior V.P. of Business Development, and collaborates consistently with the COO and President.

Organizational Relationships – Director of Development

VA operates under a collaborative, matrix management model. The Director of Development is supervised by the Senior V.P. of Operations and Senior V.P. of Business Development and interacts daily with a range of members of the VA team. Each VA team member establishes work priorities and ensures that their individual activities are continuing within the context of an established schedule and budget. The Director of Development is responsible for ensuring work priorities are set and met for the Account Management team, in addition to Divisional Coordinators, GIK Manager, Foundations Manager (contractor currently), Individual/e-Comm Manager (to be hired), and the International Travel Manager.



Senior VP of Operations

Senior VP of Business Development
SUPERVISES Account Management team, GIK Manager, International Travel Manager, Development Coordinator(s), Foundations Manager (contractor), Individual/e-Comm Manager (to be hired)

Senior VP of Operations
Senior VP of Business Development
Account Management team
Director of Programs
Vitamin Angels Board
Partnership Marketing Manager

TRAVEL REQUIRED Yes (average of 5-10 days of travel per month)