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Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist

The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Specialist is a member of Vitamin Angels’ (VA) Program Division team, and s/he facilitates and supports program activities of the Division. The role of the M&E Specialist is to contribute to advancing the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of VA programs through data collection systems design, implementation, support and management; analysis and interpretation of results; and preparation of reports on program activities and progress for the Program Division or as requested. S/he applies technical expertise while working to promote, exemplify and further the mission, values and culture of VA.

Major Duties and Illustrative Responsibilities

The M&E Specialist, as a member of the M&E Unit of the Program Division, works collaboratively with other members of the M&E Unit to fulfill a range of duties, including:

  • Data collection systems design, implementation and support, including ongoing management of data sets,
  • Selected data collection activities pertaining to key performance indicators,
  • Data management, analysis, interpretation of results, and preparation of draft reports on program activities and progress, including recommendations, and
  • Design, implement, and report on operational research undertaken by the M&E Unit, coverage surveys and other specialized surveys that respond to VA’s organizational needs.

A sampling of some of the illustrative responsibilities associated with each major duty are enumerated below.

Data collection systems design and support, including management of data sets

  • Assist to develop policies and procedures for effective data management, analyses and reporting within the Program Division.
  • Help update, implement and refine the system that delivers ongoing collection of data that underpins VA’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Ensure that data sets required to support VA’s KPIs are up to date, and effectively maintained and managed.
  • Make recommendations regarding ways to improve KPI data collection within the Program Division’s operational activities.
  • Train international consultants to conduct all categories of on-site monitoring visits that contribute to KPIs, and ensure standardization of data collection across countries.
  • Provide technical input to inform the development of a more efficient, user-friendly digital data collection strategy.
  • Make recommendations pertaining to strategies to improve on-site monitoring and data collection process and procedures.

Selected data collection activities pertaining to key performance indicators

  • Conduct monitoring visits to VA field partners in countries where VA does not employ a country program advisor in Asia, Africa and Latin American & the Caribbean or in any country in which VA needs additional hands-on support to implement routine or specialized data collection.

Data analysis, interpretation of results, and preparation of draft reports on program activities and progress, including recommendations.

  • Design and implement data analysis required to support KPI reports sufficient to maintain a quarterly report out on KPIs.
  • Provide a preliminary interpretation of quarterly results on KPIs to the M&E Manager.
  • Propose recommendations to operational activities that derive from the preliminary interpretation of results on KPIs.
  • Propose ways to improve operational activities (both the program activities and the methods of data collection).

Design, implement, and report on other data-related activities undertaken by the M&E Unit, including operational research, coverage surveys and other specialized surveys that respond to VA’s organizational needs.

  • Work with the M&E Manager to develop and implement operational research, coverage surveys and other data collection efforts undertaken by the Program Division
  • Advise the M&E Manager and Program Division in the development of specialized data collection efforts from an analytic perspective
  • Conduct other tasks and take on responsibilities within the M&E Unit and Program Division as needed. 


Level of Decision-Making

Within the bounds of VA’s mission, values and policies, and sound professional practices, the M&E Specialist is free to manage his/her activities in whatever way will best serve VA clients, partners and employees. Specific authorities associated with this position and their implementation procedures will be determined in conjunction with the M&E Manager and Director of Programs.


Organizational Relationships

VA operates under a collaborative, matrix management model. The M&E Specialist is supervised by the M&E Manager with respect to overall assignments and performance, and interacts daily with other team members to coordinate his/her activities. The M&E Specialist establishes his/her own daily work priorities, but does so consistent with the needs of the M&E Manager and Program Division, schedules and budget.


Reports to/Supervised by:  M&E Manager
Supervises: None at this time, although interns may be engaged and managed
Primary working relationships:
  • M&E Manager
  • Director of Programs
  • Senior and Associate Senior Program Managers
  • Senior Manager for Technical Services
  • Regional Program Managers
  • Learning Solutions Manager and Specialist
  • VA Country Program Advisors (Consultants)
Travel (U.S. + International) required Yes (25%)


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (Required and Desired)


  • Master’s degree in a relevant discipline from an accredited university
  • Minimum two years of experience engaged in data management and analysis related to monitoring and evaluation
  • Strong quantitative analysis skills (e.g. descriptive and inferential statistics) and demonstrated experience collecting, cleaning, and managing data sets using statistical software (e.g. R, SPSS, SAS, STATA, etc.)
  • Superior written/oral communications skills, interpersonal skills, organizational skills, and
  • Computer literacy.

Highly desirable (Preference to be given to candidates with any of the following knowledge, skills or abilities):

  • Specialized expertise in some aspect of health or public health
  • Minimum one year of experience working in a relevant position in a low and middle-income country environment
  • Loves data!
  • Experience using or other online databases
  • Understanding of the role of nutrition in public health programming.

This role is based in Santa Barbara, CA

To apply, interested persons should submit a letter of application; resume or curriculum vitae; and the names, addresses, e-mail addresses and phone numbers of three references – to M. Boyle, Corporate Services Manager:

E-mail:; or

FAX:     805.564.8499

Applications will be accepted until November 15, 2018 or until a qualified applicant is identified. The position will be available starting December 3, 2018.

After the materials listed above have been submitted, candidates selected for further consideration will be requested to submit a bio-data form supplied by Vitamin Angels.