Howard Schiffer founded Vitamin Angels in 1994 using his experience as a midwife and his success in the natural products industry.

An early focus

In his early 20’s, Howard began developing his first passion: childbirth education and midwifery. He attended over 55 births as part of the home birth movement, an incredible experience that helped shape his interest in maternal and child health.

Building on this experience and his extensive nutritional research, Howard began a career in the natural products industry launching a number of nationally recognized brands. After 14 years of corporate success, he realized that if he really wanted to make the world a healthier place, he should be focusing on mothers and children in need.

Inspired by new attitudes toward health and wellness in the 1970’s, Howard became a midwife.

Howard has traveled the globe many times over to meet the children and moms we serve. Each time, he returns even more committed to the cause.

As his family grew, so did Howard’s commitment to ensuring every child had the chance to lead a healthy and productive life.

In 1994, Howard had no idea that vitamins could help children and women so immensely. Now, vitamins are commonly considered a centerpiece for global health.

“I truly believe Vitamin Angels came into being to give children and mothers the chance to lead meaningful, healthy, and productive lives.” Howard Schiffer, President & Founder, Vitamin Angels

A Game-Changing Moment

In January 1994, the Northridge Earthquake hit Southern California, and a relief agency contacted Howard requesting a donation of vitamins for victims. Using his connections in the natural products industry, Howard made it happen. Soon after, he learned how inexpensive vitamin A supplementation is, the dramatic impact it can have on a child’s life, and how few children who truly needed it had access to it. He started Vitamin Angels just three weeks later.

In its first year, Vitamin Angels gave over 100,000 vitamins to families in need. Howard took out a 3rd mortgage on his home to keep the organization going while it relied on all-volunteer staff and few resources for years. 

Despite all the challenges, nothing could slow Howard. Not even the loss of his home in 2009 to the Jesusita fire in Santa Barbara, California, where Vitamin Angels established its headquarters. With the same determination, and help from the team of supporters he gathered along the way, Howard continued to press on towards a healthier world. 


A Growing Legacy

More than twenty years later, Vitamin Angels continues to grow and expand its reach to more mothers and children in need in more countries around the world. Howard’s organization has come a long way from its humble beginnings yet he continues to lead the team with the same care, love, and passion that were there at the start.