Put on your party hat! Fundraisers
are a fantastic way to spread joy with
(and to) other people.


Fundraising tip:

Throwing a party? Set up an iPad or tablet where attendees can quickly and easily donate to your fundraiser as they arrive or leave.


- A year older, a year wiser.

  • How many candles are you blowing out this year? Ask family and friends to donate that amount (or more!) in lieu of gifts for your birthday this year.

- Here comes the bride!

  • Already have all of the kitchen and home appliances you need? Request that loved ones donate to your fundraising page in honor of your nuptials.

- The gift of life.

  • Celebrate your little one’s arrival by supporting the health of other little ones and their moms around the world! Create a fundraising page that explains how important the first 1,000 days are in a child’s life and encourage donations that will help us provide prenatal vitamins to mothers in need.