Show your competitive streak by holding a fundraiser that pits you against another team or set a personal goal for a good cause.


Fundraising tip:

Remember - no matter who takes home gold, children in need will win!


- Strength in numbers.

  • Challenge your friends or family to reach a fitness-related goal! Who can run a collective 50 miles first, or drop 2% body weight? Prior to the start of the fundraiser, request a buy-in donation from each competitor. Track your group’s progress using the fundraising page, and use it as a forum to support each other’s progress.

- For willpower.

  • A fun, cost-efficient, and philanthropic way to kick a habit! Grab a buddy or two and see who can forego their vice the longest. Donate the money you’d use for your vice each day (e.g. the cost of your morning espresso), and, if you want to up the ante, require the loser to make an additional donation. Your fundraising page will track the money saved and also keep you accountable.

- Off to the races.

  • Exercise both your physical and charitable muscles by running a race, either solo or with others. Set up your fundraising page and ask people to sponsor each mile you run, and/or donate a certain amount if you beat your personal record!

- Build your bracket.

  • Poker, golf, chess, volleyball, kickball - the tournament options are endless! Use your fundraising page to recruit participants and gather donations as buy-in.