Raising funds in honor of someone special - or even someone you've never met - is a truly memorable way to show your support.


Fundraising tip:

Encourage your donors to share heartfelt memories, funny moments, and more about your honoree on your fundraising page to involve them beyond donations.


- In memory.

  • Use your fundraising page to commemorate the life of someone you admired and loved. Was spring their favorite season? Fundraise on their behalf during March, April, and/or May!

- A gift without a bow.

  • We all know someone who is impossible to buy gifts for. Rather than give them another gift card, show them that you care for them - and others in need - with a fundraiser in their name. Ask mutual friends to donate and share fun, humorous, and memorable moments about the honoree on your fundraising page!

- From across the globe.

  • Read a story from one of our trips that resonated with you? Give in honor of a mother and/or child who inspires you, and share their story on your fundraising page. Even if your paths never cross, your support makes a difference.