Holding an event is a great way to bring your fundraising to life and provide value for those attending!


Fundraising tip:

Host an event that accounts for your preparation time, budget, and resources.


- Satisfy someone’s sweet tooth.

  • Easy to coordinate (and delicious), a bake sale or lemonade stand are classic options. Use your fundraising page to advertise where and when your sale will be, and encourage people to attend -and donate the cost of a sweet treat online!

- Gather ‘round the table.

  • Rather than spending money going out to eat, invite friends over for a dinner party and ask them to make a donation instead. Spend the evening bonding over home-cooked food and the power of vitamins!

- Be clothes-minded.

  • Cleaning out the closet and supporting a good cause? That’s a win-win! Post pictures of some of the clothes you plan to sell at a garage sale, and give people the early opportunity to buy (or bid) for them online.

- Get lucky.

  • Promote an opportunity drawing, where people can donate for tickets and potentially win prizes. Encourage them to check your fundraising page at a certain time when you publicly announce the winner(s)!

- Cue the spotlight.

  • Round up your friends and coordinate a talent, comedy, or fashion show for a night of entertainment. Encourage people to attend and also donate on your fundraising page - they’ll support both the talent and children around the world.


*Inspired to host a large-scale event? High five! Contact Amber at amceldowney@vitaminangels.org for additional information, coordinating advice, and more.