In honor of Mother's Day, our friends at SmartyPants Vitamins are matching your donations now through May 9th up to $10,000.

Vitamin Angels fights for a world where every mother has a healthy pregnancy, and every child gets a chance at a healthy life. 

These are some of the common barriers to access underserved pregnant woman face.

Awareness The need for regular care and interventions is not universally known.
Affordability Unable to pay for care and associated costs to obtain it - like transportation.
Transportation Services are too far away and reliable transportation is unavailable.
A Birth Beyond Barriers

A Birth Beyond Barriers

At 7 months pregnant, Edith is excited to welcome her first child. Yet, she's also feeling anxious and stressed trying to obtain care and resources in the steep mountains of Oaxaca. Throughout it all, her loving parents are determined to support her health and that of their future grandchild.

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