These young lives could be saved if mothers and babies had access to affordable, quality health care, good nutrition, and clean water.
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Such as premature birth, labor and delivery complications, and preventable infections like sepsis and pneumonia. newborns of anemic mothers. Anemia is a serious and common problem affecting 38% of pregnant women around the world, and can lead to low birth weight and premature birth, which decrease a child’s chance of survival.

Losing a baby is a tragedy no mother should have to bear. But there’s something we can do.

Prenatal multivitamins are considered one of the top 10 lifesaving products for mothers and babies. Our goal is to eliminate child mortality due to vitamin deficiency diseases by 2030, and we can do it with your help.


Moms Are Makers

Mothers nurture and make sacrifices every day to keep their families happy and healthy. We followed women in seven countries to see what they create for their families on a daily basis—click the image to read more.

From Midwife to Millions of Mothers

Howard Schiffer, our CEO, started out as a midwife in the ‘70s, where he learned of the importance of nutrition during pregnancy. It’s shaped who we are, and how we impact maternal health on a global scale. Learn why we do what we do—click the image to read more.

Mothers' Nutritional Needs Across the Globe

Nutritional needs increase dramatically in pregnancy. If women don’t get the nutrients they need, it can have tragic consequences. Here’s a look into how we helped four women have safe pregnancies and healthy babies—click the image to read more.

We use your donations efficiently.

We know that donors rely on performance, accountability, and transparency when selecting which are the best charities to donate to. Vitamin Angels is funded exclusively by private contributions, which means we are 100% accountable to you.

Over 90% of our expenses go to bringing vitamins to those most in need worldwide.

We have the highest rating, 4-stars, from Charity Navigator for transparency and financial efficiency.*

GuideStar awarded us its 2017 Platinum Seal of Transparency for our commitment to the highest level of financial accountability.

What We Do

We provide lifesaving vitamins to mothers and children under five at risk of malnutrition–reducing preventable illness, blindness, and death–to create a healthier world.
Vitamin Angels provides nutritional support across the critical window of a child's development.
“Giving prenatal multivitamins to women during pregnancy is one of the most critical public health interventions for women and their children. It prevents babies from being born too soon and too small, both of which increase the risk of early death.” Dr. Robert Black, Professor and Director of the Institute for International Programs, Department of International Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health