Challenges threaten her children's health, but Fatima perseveres.

“I want to be a champion for my children,” said Fatima, a mother of two who lives in the impoverished community of Sotuta, Mexico. Fatima used to hold dreams of teaching close to her heart as a teenager; instead she left school early when her parents needed support for the family.

Now, as a mother and persistent advocate for her children, Roger and Victoria, Fatima finds comfort in extending her value of a good education to them during their formative years. She firmly believes that school is the “basis of [the children’s] future,” which is why she also tutors children in her community during summers. (continued below)

Without good health, though, Fatima knows that her children’s opportunities for education are limited. Even more than tutoring, she values her role as a mother and advocate for her children’s health and well-being. “It’s a blessing being a mom,” she told us.

When her eldest, Roger, was young, he was bitten by an insect that is known for spreading a serious disease among the locals. Fatima has sought testing and treatments for Roger, tirelessly pursuing solutions to his symptoms. Unfortunately, health care options in their community are often seriously limited and unregulated.

For that reason, Fatima also spent her second pregnancy with Victoria on bedrest after sustaining a stomach injury. Despite the circumstances, she was determined to keep the fragile life within her safe. Prenatal vitamins provided by Vitamin Angels also helped her stay healthy while she was bedridden during her pregnancy and her baby was developing, and later when she was breastfeeding Victoria.

Although Fatima’s small family has already persevered through many trying times, she looks towards her children’s future with optimism. Both Victoria and Roger take vitamin A provided by Vitamin Angels. Fatima says Roger's health is already improving and he is gaining weight. Her dreams as a young woman may not have come to fruition, but Fatima's tenacity and access to vitamins are paving the road for Roger and Victoria’s future.

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