This Mother’s Day, your donation will have double the impact.

What better way to honor moms everywhere than by helping pregnant women, infants and children receive proper nutrition? From May 4 to May 8, 2022, our Mother's Day sponsor – Natures Sunshine – will match your donation up to $15,000.

Every child gets just one chance at a healthy start in life.

Help deliver nutrition to underserved mothers and children at a time when good health matters most – right now.


Putting Moms’ Health First

Putting Moms’ Health First

“During pregnancy great nutrition is vital for a baby's birth and development, as are the vitamins and minerals. It's something that we focus on very early on.

Once a woman becomes pregnant her nutritional needs increase significantly and a lot more is required for her to make sure that baby is growing and developing appropriately and is healthy.”

Amelia, Physician’s Assistant

Vitamin Angels’ Program Partner, Connecticut

Thanks to our Mother's Day sponsors