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Malnutrition can disrupt physical and cognitive development in children under five years old. Multivitamins help children thrive when diets are limited.

Malnutrition can have irreversible effects

The first 1,000 days of life, from conception until age two, are the most critical. When children are malnourished, they can't thrive. They often have urgent health problems, preventing them from doing the things that kids love most - like playing or going to school. Permanent consequences, like stunting, serve as a visible reminder of poor growth and cognitive development in children who are malnourished. And for too many, a lack of essential nutrients leads to an early death.

Almost half of all child deaths are linked to malnutrition.

Staple foods lack the nutrients growing bodies need

In countries across the globe, children live on staple foods like rice and corn almost exclusively. These foods are filling and affordable, but lack essential nutrients. Even in the U.S., low-income meals are often heavy in starch, fat and sugar, and lacking critical vitamins. When children are consuming enough calories to survive but are not getting the nutrients they need, they suffer from malnutrition, or more specifically, undernutrition. Even when they're not starving, the health risks of poor nutrition are a dangerous health risk to young children everywhere.   

A bright future starts at birth

They are many ways to address undernutrition. Vitamins are an immediate solution to help ensure proper growth and development in children. The multivitamins for children we provide are cost-effective and easy to distribute. They help children build the foundation for good health, now, before it's too late. And when combined with nutritional counseling on healthy choices and practices, multivitamins provide a sustainable solution to helping children thrive when diets are limited.  

We give daily multivitamins to thousands of children six months to five years old.