The Power
of Partnerships

Our corporate and field partners make it possible to reach millions of children with life changing vitamins.

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    Donate cash, host fundraising campaigns, or sponsor events.
    May also donate vitamins that meet our specific standards for formulation and packaging, or provide related services.
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  • INdividuals


    Make direct donations, shop with our partners and share our story to help us to reach more children and mothers.
    Can shop with many of our corporate partners as another way to give back to Vitamin Angels.
    Share the power of vitamins with their friends and family to help us grow our reach.
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    Uses donations from corporate partners and individuals to secure and provide vitamins and deworming tablets to those in need.
    Builds relationships with corporate partners for funding, and field partners who distribute our vitamins.
    Identifies and vets local nonprofits working in underserved areas. They become our field partners who help us reach populations in need.
    Provides technical assistance to our field partners to ensure consistency and quality across vitamin distributions globally.
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  • Technical

    Technical PARTNERS

    Help us deliver technically accurate programs via collaboration with specialized experts and guidance on international best practices.
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  • Field Partners


    Are nonprofits who supplement their existing community healthcare or nutrition services to their local communities with our vitamins.
    Maintain responsibility for distributing the vitamins as it fits with their programs, including shipment and coordination.
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  • TechnicAL


    Helps teach field partners best practices in dosing, education, monitoring and reporting.
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  • Mothers and Children

    Mothers and

    Receive and benefit from our partnerships and the power of vitamins.
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The companies that fuel our cause

We believe that giving should always be a win-win. See which companies are earning a global reputation for caring by helping us improve lives around the world and learn how your company can get involved.

Corporate Partners

Local nonprofits deliver hope

Our nonprofit partners are permanent fixtures in their community, working with us to deliver vitamins to those they know need them most. Learn about our field partner network and how to apply for a grant of vitamins if you're a qualifying organization.

Field Partners