The power to breed hope.
Our prenatal vitamins deliver essential nutrients so more babies can survive and thrive.

Both moms and babies benefit from prenatals


Babies of poorly nourished moms may be stillborn, small, or have low birth weights.
Poor nutrition during pregnancy can cause complications during childbirth that may endanger the lives of both mom and baby. Throughout, and even before pregnancy, nutrition is absolutely vital to the health and safety of both mother and child. Prenatal vitamins help a mom’s body to support the growth and development of her baby in the womb.


After birth, a mom’s breast milk provides all the nutrition necessary to keep her baby growing strong. But malnourished moms often have difficulty producing adequate breast milk to feed their babies. Vitamins aid moms in producing plentiful and nutritious breast milk. Breastfeeding also provides additional health benefits for the mom, including helping her body recover from childbirth more quickly. Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended for a baby’s first 6 months.

Necessary Nutrients

Supports brain and spine development.

Vitamin a

Helps fight against infection.

Boosts iron metabolism and hemoglobin production.

Influences vitamin A levels in breast milk.


Prevents anemia in pregnancy.

Increases blood supply, carrying oxygen and key nutrients to the baby via the placenta.


Ensures proper thyroid functioning.

Prevents stunting, mental delays, and deafness in infants.

Iodine deficiency can lead to miscarriage and stillbirth.

Mothers face global health challenges

Wherever they are, moms share a common focus: making a better life for their children. They may take on very different challenges, but each woman's nutritional needs increase during pregnancy and breastfeeding to support her health and her growing child. Moms living in developing countries or with low incomes are the most vulnerable to malnutrition.

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Some pregnant women instinctively eat soil to meet their bodies increased need for nutrients – a condition is known as "pica."

Poor families may be forced to sell their nutritious crops for income and purchase foods that are cheaper and less nutritious.

Mothers may travel long distances, sacrificing valuable work hours, to reach health facilities when they or their children are unhealthy.

Did You Know?

New evidence strongly suggests that among women who are undernourished, use of a daily multivitamin (formulated as prescribed by WHO) reduces – even more than iron and folic acid alone –the occurrence of low birth weight babies, babies that are small for gestational age, and the rate of stillbirth.

Did You Know?

Our prenatal vitamins are formulated to the standards set by the World Health Organization and UNICEF. The vitamins contain 15 different vitamins and minerals that are needed to meet daily nutritional requirements.

Prenatal vitamins support healthy babies

Giving daily prenatal vitamins to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers helps ensure healthy pregnancies, safe deliveries, and adequate breast milk.

We build a foundation of good health, from conception, through the first five years of life.

Our prenatal vitamins can also be used after birth (postnatal), so that nutrients are also passed on through breast milk.

We serve hundreds of thousands
of moms with prenatal vitamins, and promote breastfeeding in the U.S. and worldwide.

“Vitamin Angels made my wife healthier, the way she is now, because she used to eat clay soil - too much of it. But when she started using the vitamins, she stopped and if you look at her, she looks healthy.” Andrew, Kenya