Program Partners

Program Partners

Become a Program Partner

Vitamin Angels aims to reduce health and economic disparities across the lifespan by effectively delivering evidence-based nutrition interventions and technical support. Our approach targets the first 1,000 days of life and children up to 5 years of age.

Our partners are qualified organizations interested in integrating the following evidence-based nutrition interventions into their existing programs targeting children under 5 and/or pregnant women:

  • Vitamin A Supplementation to save lives and reduce illness
  • Albendazole to reduce the burden of worms and improve micronutrient status
  • Multiple micronutrient supplements (MMS), commonly known as Prenatal Multi-Vitamins, for pregnant women to reduce maternal anemia and improve birth outcomes

We provide annual in-kind donations of the above commodities along with technical support and training to ensure that our partners are able to administer each nutrition intervention according to best practices.

Annually, Vitamin Angels reaches 70 million children under five and pregnant women in 65 countries through our network of over 1,200 partners. We are eager to expand our growing network.

Who qualifies to become a Partner?

Organizations must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a locally registered organization in the country of program operation (i.e., non-governmental organization, clinic, faith-based organization, government facility/agency).
  • Can reach pregnant women and/or children 6-59 months.
  • Must serve individuals who do not have regular access to vitamin A, albendazole, and/or maternal supplements (IFA or MMS) from national health services.
  • Distribute Vitamin Angels’ nutrition interventions without funding from Vitamin Angels.
  • Serve at least 500 children 6-59 months and/or 100 pregnant women annually (some exceptions apply).

How Do I Become a Partner?

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vitamin Angels provide cash funding?

No, Vitamin Angels only provides in-kind grants (donations of commodities). We seek to work with organizations that have existing programs to which the nutrition interventions can be added with limited cost to your organization.


Does Vitamin Angels help with shipping the commodities to my organization?

Yes! Vitamin Angels covers the cost to ship to your primary address in the USA, and if you do not have a US presence, we will cover shipping costs to the port of entry in the country where you work. Please note that your organization is responsible for clearing the commodities through customs as well as transportation costs to the communities you serve.


Does Vitamin Angels provide technical assistance and learning opportunities?

Yes! Vitamin Angels provides a variety of tools to help your organization deliver these interventions according to international best practices. We offer comprehensive training through either an eLearning course or an instructor-led course. Additionally, there are a wide range of support tools that include instruction sheets, posters, instructional videos, job aids, and recordkeeping templates.