Field Partner Resources

Field Partner Resources

The following resources are intended to aid service providers in recordkeeping during distributions and should assist in completing Vitamin Angels’ Annual Reporting form. For more information, please contact your Vitamin Angels Program Manager or email us at [email protected].

Annual Reporting Form (International) – The Annual Reporting form tracks the distribution of the commodities provided by Vitamin Angels and must be completed in order to receive additional supplies. Please read the instructions carefully.

Annual Report/Grant Extension Application (US/Canada) – For our Field Partners in the US and Canada the Annual Report and Grant Extension are completed together to document the distribution of the Vitamin Angels commodities and request additional supplies.

Reporting Tools – Vitamin Angels highly recommends you use available government record keeping tools and reporting forms to capture distribution of Vitamin Angels donated products. If those resources are not available to you, you can use the below reporting tools to assist you with your recordkeeping.