A Father’s Story

This is Robinson's story about how his family's love and support helped him overcome an unfortunate circumstance that left him paralyzed.

By Elysia Cook

Robinson's feet, wrapped in bandages, rested on the arm of the couch he laid across.  He would have stood to greet us when we entered his home, except that he couldn't. 

We learned that Robinson was shot one night when two thieves attempted to steal his motorcycle. Initially, doctors didn't think he would survive, and though he beat the odds, he lost the use of his legs and, as a result, suffered from severe depression. The effects of the incident had altered not only his future but that of his pregnant wife and young children.

Fortunately, with the support of his family, Robinson came out of his depression. When we met him, he welcomed us with a wide smile and spoke enthusiastically of his family, his faith, and the joys of being a father. As he shared his story, two-year-old Reuben climbed up the other arm of the couch and Robinson instantly pulled him close to shower him with love. 

Robinson shared that his paralysis has given him a greater appreciation for his family and the importance of health. He sees what his wife and mother have sacrificed for him. The proud father watches his children play, grateful that they are in good health—thanks in part to the vitamins they receive from Vitamin Angels. He appreciates the many gifts in his life. But as we watched him interact with his family, it was clear that he was a gift to them as well.