A Lifesaving Solution for a Child in Need

We recently received this uplifting message from Lois Werner, one of the team members of our field partner organization, People for Guatemala. Read her inspiring testimonial and see how vitamins changed baby Lidia's life!

By Elysia Cook

This is Lidia. Her parents brought her to us when she was six months old and starving. Because of her cleft palate she was unable to breastfeed, and the parents had no money to buy formula or bottles.

Our physician arranged for a nutritionist to talk with her parents and taught her mother how to give Lidia vitamins [provided by Vitamin Angels]. After six months she was eligible for surgery, because she had reached the necessary weight. [However,] She continues to receive Vitamin Angels children's vitamins and her mother faithfully attends our health clinic once a month to monitor Lidia.

In our service area, there are 90,000 people, mostly indigenous. The area of San Martin, Jilotepeque is extremely depressed - families suffer from a lack of food, women do not have money to buy vitamins, most do not understand the importance of vitamins during and after pregnancy, and children suffer from malnutrition. A great number of families do not have water at their homes, women cook over open fires, and they live in houses with dirt floors. They lack a balanced diet since their main food is only corn tortillas and beans.

We want to express our sincere thanks to Vitamin Angels for providing vitamins to us and for your service to others around the world. We appreciate your partnership.

- Lois Werner, People for Guatemala


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