Climbing a future - all the way to the top!

Ernest Adrian often can be found climbing the big tree in his front yard, and is not afraid to climb all the way to the top! His mom says he has fallen a time or two, but never lets that stop him from climbing right back up.

By Kim Saam

Ernest Adrian is five years old and lives in a community on the northern coast of Honduras. Their neighborhood began as a squatter community many years ago, but has since been recognized by the government.

Most of the homes in this community are hooked up to electricity and water, which is not the case for many other families in the region who still live in unrecognized communities. Ernest’s mom, Wendy, has lived here for twenty-one years, and is very happy that her kids get to grow up in a stable place.

Ernest and his little sister, Elesbi, have been receiving Vitamin Angels’ vitamins and deworming tablets through their local school, which is just down the street. Before they started receiving these interventions, Wendy says her children were underweight and had been diagnosed with anemia. She says they always looked pale, had very little appetite, and often had head and stomach pain. After receiving the vitamins, she noticed a big difference in their health and energy levels. They get sick less often and are very energetic. Now that he is healthier, Ernest is always running around and laughing.

When not climbing trees, he loves to play with any newly-hatched chicks from his family’s small flock of chickens. Whenever the family has free time, they go to the nearby river to play. Ernest and Elesbi like to splash around in the cool water, because this part of Honduras is very hot and humid! Ernest’s mom Wendy is proud to have such happy and energetic children, and she loves watching them grow and play.