Meet families from Peru!

High in the Andes of Peru, where the terrain and climate make for poor growing conditions, many growing families benefit from our prenatal vitamins. Glimpse into the lives of three of them!

By Elysia Cook

Leonel Mesi
With a diet that is limited to little more than potatoes, prenatal vitamins help fill critical gaps in the diets of moms living in the Peruvian Andes. Reyna is grateful that her five-month-old son, named after the famous soccer player, was born healthy. She relishes the peaceful moments he spends sleeping in her arms. 

Jordi and Roy

Yovana lives with her two sons in the high Andes of Peru in the community of Ttio Grande. When she was pregnant with her younger son, Jordi, Yovana took prenatal vitamins. She told us that she felt much stronger during her pregnancy and labor and that Jordi was born weighing more than three kilograms, much heavier than her older son, Roy had been. 

When asked about her sons, she laughed saying that they have truly endless energy and contagious laughter, and they bring her so much joy. She says she loves being a mom because she can see that her sons are both so happy!



Two-year-old Edwin’s vibrantly colored clothing reflects how bright his future is! (1/3)



He has been receiving vitamins from a distribution in Peru since he was six months old, and has only been sick once since birth. (2/3)

His mother let us know it was important that her children make it to every vitamin distribution, so that they can grow up strong and in good health. (3/3)

Thanks to our partners at DESEA Peru for their ongoing partnership and commitment to reaching underserved populations in Peru.