A Queen’s Humble Dream

Romana, one of our travelers on this year's trip to Peru, shares a memorable conversation from her time in the field.

By Elysia Cook

Reyna means ‘the queen’ in English.

Talking to her, I learned that she was 28 years old and had two children: Reuben and Leonel Messi (apparently the midwife decides how the children will be named--I guess hers was a big soccer fan). Reyna told us that when she was pregnant with Reuben she didn’t know about the vitamins offered by Vitamin Angels, which influenced his growth.

“He is growing, but he is small; he’ll never be really big and strong,” she said. But she added that he is a happy child who loves to draw when he has a pen and a paper. I noticed that he drew a train during our visit, and meticulously put everything in a small plastic bag with a hole once he was done. (continued below)

Luckily, Reyna learned about vitamins once Leonel Messi was born. He’ll have a greater foundation for health as he grows up, compared to his older brother.

“What would you like your children to become in the future?” someone asked her. “I’d like them to be happy,” she replied.

I’m glad that Vitamin Angels is making a real change in the world for those who really need it, the other Reubens somewhere out there. Thank you for taking care, being strong, and being here for the most vulnerable so that they can have a bright future and a happy life.

-- Romana Sutar, NatureWise