The Bellwether in Peru

When mothers like Evangelina have the security of their child's health, they can focus on supporting their family, and pursuing their goals.

By Amber McEldowney

Seven-month-old Jennifer’s big, chubby cheeks and her inquisitive expression stopped us in our tracks.

Speaking with her mother, Evangelina, our assumption that Jennifer’s size was indicative of her good health was confirmed. Taking prenatal multivitamins from early in pregnancy, Evangelina carried to term and delivered a healthy baby girl with relative ease.

Just as quickly as we surmised Jennifer’s health, we realized that Evangelina was remarkably driven. She was not content to simply survive; she has a vision for her future and a plan to get there. With the income Evangelina has earned selling beautifully embroidered skirts, she has already purchased three sheep.

Ultimately, she hopes to trade up from sheep to alpaca and then to sell their wool. Evangelina’s motivation may well be indicative of the shift that seems to be happening amongst the women in her community, empowered by good health, and the opportunity for leadership roles with DESEA Peru, prospects for their future are coming into focus.