The impact is visible

By Sarah Gasca

In a slum community near the iconic Taj Mahal, we met Jyoti.

Worlds away from the millions of tourists flocking to Agra, Jyoti’s mother explained how an untreated month-long bout diarrhea resulted in lasting vision loss in the young-four-year-old’s eyes.

This is vitamin A deficiency.

The untreated diarrhea led to typhoid and then measles. Jyoti’s limited diet didn’t keep her immune system strong and the illnesses further depleted her body of the vitamin A that her eyes needed to function properly.

Today, on World Sight Day, this a reminder that children are still unnecessarily going blind from vitamin A deficiency.

You can protect the eyesight and health of a child like Jyoti for an entire year for just 25 cents.