Why I Give…

Hear the life-changing takeaways from donors, travelers, and supporters who have joined us in the field to see first hand how we are ending malnutrition, one child at a time.

By Shefali Agarwal

The individuals who join us in the field all bring different life experiences, disparate backgrounds, and points of view. Yet many times they share similar underlying motivations for their support—to help children live healthier lives, to give back to others, to make a difference in the world.

The opportunity to see their impact firsthand often transforms these broad ideals into something much more personal, providing greater clarity in their purpose and a stronger resolve to do even more.

Hear from travelers who have joined us in the field about their life-changing experiences:

Jason from the Vitamin Shoppe concluded after his trip in Mexico, “through talking to [the mothers and children], through the interviews, through interactions, [I realized] we really only want the same thing. And that is for our children to be happy, to have the best that we can give to them…”

A 3-time Vitamin Angels’ trip veteran, DavidPaul Doyle, Founder/CEO of Naturewise summed up a recent trip with this perspective, “It’s true, I can’t completely impact these people’s lives; I can’t take away all their problems. But what I can do, is just be part of the solution. To remind myself of the good we are doing not just in our own country, but around the world -- and the small ways we can contribute.”

In contrast, William J. Hood related his support to investment logic. “If I can apply a dollar towards a prenatal vitamin,” he explained, “the impact on that young woman and then as that young woman grows and has an impact on the community, the return on that dollar I invested is incremental.”  

Jason, with Heaven, Eder, and Nancy in Mexico

DavidPaul and his daughter with newborns Margaret and Mike in Malawi

William Hood having a tender moment with young Nankango

Jill, learning with school children in Uganda

“You don't go to the margins to make a difference. You go to the margins so that the people at the margins make you different.” Father Greg Boyle

Often the transformative experiences travelers have extended back to their loved ones at home. Peggie Sue, whose daughter Jill joined us in Uganda created a fundraising page to donate her birthday, sharing, "As I turn 60 tomorrow, I am counting my blessings and giving joyful thanks for having been blessed with 4 children and now a granddaughter, all with access to excellent medical and nutritional support.”

Jill summed up her own experience with a quote by Father Greg Boyle that Vitamin Angels' founder, Howard Schiffer, shared on their first night. "You don't go to the margins to make a difference. You go to the margins so that the people at the margins make you different."

Though each individual's experience was unique, all share a similar sentiment, that when we strive for the greater good the power of even the simplest acts of kindness can move mountains.

What our travelers - and many of our supporters - have found, is that what happens when you stop malnutrition from the start is that lives are changed, and one of those lives, just might be your own.