Window to the Amazon

Amongst canopies of rainforest, a number of small communities lie along the Amazon River in Peru. Glimpse rare photos of this remote area and see how our vitamins are making an impact.

By Elysia Cook

It took two flights, a five-hour ride in a small boat, and six sturdy pairs of galoshes to bring the Vitamin Angels team from the California coast to the banks of the Peruvian Amazon. Difficulty accessing such locations is exactly why communities like these often go unreached – it’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

Over the course of five days, our team joined field partner, Project Amazonas, to observe six vitamin distributions along the river. Witnessing the power of vitamins in an unsuspecting, but beautiful, area was a special privilege we won’t soon forget.

“ A small contribution can really make a big difference in the lives of people in places like this. It may not be in terms of changing the health of an entire country, but you can definitely change the health of an entire community, a family, a child. ” Dr. Devon Graham, President & Scientific Director, Project Amazonas

Three families depart from a vitamin distribution together on a long, narrow boat headed down the river.

It's not uncommon for families in the Peruvian Amazon to carry their pets - however unconventional! - around with them.

Many families display the Peruvian flag proudly from their homes.

A brief thunderstorm passed through the community of Pobre y Alegre shortly before this photo was captured.


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