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Bayer is committed to helping every baby get the best start in life. Through its partnership with Vitamin Angels, Bayer is helping to expand access to nutrition interventions for millions of underserved pregnant women and babies.

As a global leader in prenatal supplements, Elevit understands how important essential vitamins and minerals are for pregnant women and their unborn babies. Elevit announced its partnership with Vitamin Angels to help millions of pregnant women and their babies gain access to essential multiple micronutrient supplements (MMS, commonly known as prenatal vitamins and minerals). Through a comprehensive approach, the partnership will improve access to MMS, as well as advancing nutrition education and advocacy—all focused on helping women and their children lead healthier, more productive lives.

This partnership is linked to a global initiative Elevit created, “Every Beginning”, to help parents, and parents-to-be, connect through universal experiences, and gain access to vital nutrients. Through this initiative, Elevit will also help raise awareness and educate on the importance of MMS. The initiative will connect moms all around the world through different stages of their pregnancies. Wherever they are and whatever challenges they face, they share a common focus: making a better life for their children from the beginning. This partnership will contribute to Bayer’s ambition to enable access to everyday health for 100 million people in underserved communities by 2030, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3 – Health and Wellbeing for All.

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“We recently conducted a real-world data research project in 10 countries that showed 60% of respondents are unaware that poor nutrition during pregnancy can have a negative impact on a baby’s growth and development. As experts in prenatal nutrition, we know how critical access to the right nutrients before and during the first 1,000 days of life is to a mother’s health and a baby’s healthy growth, development, and long-term success. We expect this partnership to have a positive impact, helping millions of babies get the best start in life.” Helena Habte-Gabr, Global Brand Director Elevit, Bayer