Kirk Humanitarian
Kirk Humanitarian
  • At a Glance
  • Tier $5 million+
  • Length of Relationship 2 years

Kirk Humanitarian is a pivotal partner, furthering our efforts to reach more pregnant mothers and their developing babies with life changing prenatal multivitamins worldwide.

Born to thrive. Every infant deserves that chance.

Since 2016, Kirk Humanitarian has made significant contributions to help further Vitamin Angels’ global prenatal initiative to eliminate newborn mortality due to vitamin deficiencies by the year 2030. They are truly dedicated to ensuring pregnant women worldwide have access to vital prenatal multivitamins that support improved birth outcomes.

Kirk Humanitarian has not only partnered with Vitamin Angels in donating prenatal multivitamins to women in need – allowing us to make huge progress toward our common goal— but they also share a vision of greater research and global policy change. They support research to generate the evidence needed to convince governments and other decision makers that prenatal multivitamins are both more effective than iron and folic acid alone, and more cost-effective in saving lives and increasing health benefits.

 Kirk Humanitarian also works with Vitamin Angels to help educate our implementing partners and the governments of low- and middle-income countries on the urgent need to incorporate prenatal multivitamins into maternal health programs, and to advocate for making universal access a priority.

“Kirk Humanitarian is a true partner in the prenatal initiative and has allowed Vitamin Angels to take this program further than it’s been before. We are honored to be creating real change for millions of women and their babies around the world.” Howard Schiffer, president and founder of Vitamin Angels.

“ Providing children with a fair chance at life is the most meaningful contribution we can make.” Spencer Kirk, Managing Director of Kirk Humanitarian