Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems
Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems
  • At a Glance
  • Tier $250,000+
  • Length of Relationship 1994 (23 years)

Rainbow Light is one of two “Founding Supporters” of Vitamin Angels. They began donating to Vitamin Angels in 1994, and their continuous support has been critical to the success of our programs and our organization.

Rainbow Light has been a significant contributor to Vitamin Angels via in-kind donations for over two decades. As a "Founding Supporter", Rainbow Light's contributions of a variety of products supported the initial growth of our work worldwide. More recently, Rainbow Light began manufacturing prenatal multivitamins to our specifications. These donations have had a tremendous and significant impact on pregnant and nursing mothers, especially here in the United States.

Several of their team have traveled with us to meet some of the women and children they have helped us to reach. Vitamin Angels is grateful to Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems’ passion for maternal health in our global community.

“As [a] founding supporter of Vitamin Angels, we've helped provide life-saving nutrition to mothers and babies in the U.S. and around the world since 1994. Through the Circle of Care's growing network of aid partners, we're working to foster a vibrant state of health in moms and babies everywhere. Rainbow Light has donated over 40 million vitamins through Vitamin Angels over the years….” Linda Kahler, President