Technical Partners

Combatting malnutrition is a huge endeavor; one that can’t be achieved by a single organization. While we rely on a network of program partners to distribute our vitamins, to ensure technical accuracy and adherence to international best practices, we collaborate with specialized experts.

Synergistic Relationships

We take great pride in the technical veracity of our programs. Where we work, who we serve, which vitamins we distribute... every detail down to the color, shape, and size of the capsules we distribute are determined with great care and the generous guidance of both international health and product manufacturing experts.

The following individuals and organizations provide invaluable technical support:

  • World Health Organization
  • Children Without Worms
  • STH Coalition
  • Nutrition International
  • DSM Nutritional Products
  • Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

“... the pledge to work together comes as a 'fresh wild wind blowing' that has energized the entire field.” - David Addiss MD, MPH is Director of Children Without Worms