Vitamin Angels reaches millions of children annually with vitamin A.

We work directly with local organizations and governments to increase access in underserved communities around the world.

Two doses of vitamin A per year help build the foundation for a healthy life.

Two doses of vitamin A per year help build the foundation for a healthy life.

As children grow and develop rapidly, meeting their intense and urgent nutritional needs is essential. Vitamin A is a micronutrient children’s bodies need for a strong immune system, healthy vision, and physical growth and development.

Vitamin A deficiency is a leading cause of preventable childhood blindness, and a major contributor to illness and death.

When we unite to protect the sight and improve the health of children everywhere, the future looks brighter.


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An evidence-based, immediate solution to a complex problem.

The World Health Organization recommends vitamin A supplementation for all children 6-59 months of age living in areas with moderate to severe vitamin A deficiency.

High-dose vitamin A capsules are unique. The capsule's tip is cut off and liquid vitamin A is squeezed into the child’s mouth.

Vitamin A stored in the liver and slow-released over time meaning children only need one dose every six months.

Service providers use a checklist covering topics from the child’s age and health to the date of their last dose to confirm participants are eligible to receive vitamin A.

At distributions, the benefits of vitamin A supplementation are shared with caregivers along with general nutrition information.

Sources of vitamin A

Sources of vitamin A

Vitamin A comes from the foods we eat. Carrots, leafy green vegetables, eggs, and fish are some vitamin A-rich foods. In some countries, staples like milk, cereal, and bread, may also be fortified with vitamin A.

Children who are experiencing food insecurity or facing malnutrition may not get enough vitamin A from their diets. When their needs can’t be met through food alone, vitamin A supplements are an effective and proven way to fill an urgent nutritional gap as children grow and develop.